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Gua Temperung Caves

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Gua Tempurung (literally, cave of the coconut shell), is one of the most extensive cave systems in peninsula Malaysia. Located in Gopeng, Perak, Gua Tempurung is accessible from the North South Highway by exiting the Gopeng Interchange approximately 25 kilometers south of Ipoh. The Gua Temperung caves are some of the most beautiful caves in Malaysia though not enough visited, if you ask me. While we were in the caves, there were hardly visitors, which was too bad. These caves deserve much more attention. And not only from the Malaysians themselves!

The length of the cave is about one kilometer, and can be covered within one and a half hours return journey, unless many stops are made. A subterranean river runs along the cave, presenting a unique challenge to adventurous spelunkers.

Different parts of the cave has been given delightfully colourful names. These include Desperate Passage, where active stalactite formations reach down to the stream. The cave was once used by the communist as a hideout between 1950 and 60, and even today, it bears graffiti left by them.

One section of the cave is known as Lee Meng's Hideout, referring to the Communist courier who was reported to have hidden there during the Emergency. Gergasi Cavern is so named for its sheer size. Alam Cavern has a slender stalactite called The Tongkat, while at The Battlefield, you find many fallen stalactites - the largest was named the Fallen Warrior.

Explorers of Gua Tempurung have the option of following the dry tour as well as grand tour, which require walking along the river bed and often in the water. Participants following the grand tour are advised to bring along a change of clothing as well as their own torch lights.

Getting To Gua Tempurung

If you are driving from Kuala Lumpur or Penang, head for PLUS North South Highway and exit at Gopeng Interchange. Follow the signboard towards Kampar town using the Federal Route 1. After travelling for about 5km, you will see a signage that directs you to Gua Tempurung. Turn left and go straight for about 2km and you will reach Tempurung Cave.

Things To Bring

Remember to bring the following items to make your caving exploration a memorable one.

    * Sports Shoes
    * Torchlight
    * Drinking Water
    * Clothes to change for those who take the Wet Tour packages
    * Camera