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Mangrove forests are an important link in maintaining the delicate balance of eco-systems particularly with its unique root systems which prevent soil erosion and clean the waters. The Mangrove forests of Langkawi, the only ones in Malaysia which grow on limestone beds, serve this purpose and are also a haven for untold natural wonders of flora and fauna, a sanctuary for birdlife, insects, reptiles and primates. The limestone hills of the area also have a rich diversity of species such as ornamental plants and other flora, lichen and fungi. Many bird species inhabit the area among which is the Brahminy kite and the white-bellied sea eagles. Other biodiversity can be found on the mudflats, beaches and the sea.

The Mangrove forests can be experienced at the forest reserves in Sungai Air Hangat, Sungai Kilim, Sungai Kisap and the Tuba Straits. You can take small boat cruises which will bring you close to the vegetation and wildlife. The tours also include visits to limestone caves and the opportunity to witness eagles feeding and marine life.

Itau River - Kilim River - Kisap River mangrove and Forest Reserve
The relatively untouched forest reserve is where you can see mangrove trees in full bloom and fruit ! An interesting feature within the forest is the bat caves.

Pulau Singa Besar Mangrove
The Pulau Singa Besar Mangrove is an important habitat for unique species. A guided tour around the forests will be an education in how nature recycles itself.